Many are the cities that claim the title of the most picturesque settlement in Greece, but this title belongs without doubt to Metsovo. A mountainous town that captivates visitors with its amazing colors and unique images. Situated at an altitude of 1200 m. In an impressive green landscape, exactly where North Pindos is separated from the South part, Metsovo arouses all senses! 
Despite the rapid growth of tourism in recent years, the area has not lost its traditional character. Perfectly combining the past with the present, it is an ideal refuge not only in winter but for all four seasons.
Being the birthplace of some of the most important national benefactors, Metsovo could not but be famous for its great spiritual growth. It is certain that you will admire its museums, the stone mansions, the twenty traditional fountains and its cobbled streets. A walk in the square of Metsovo, which is surrounded by traditional taverns and beautiful cafes, will reward you.