Of course the "star" of the area is Papigo (980m high).  It is one of the most beautiful villages of Zagori, known as a settlement since the 14th century. It is built at the foot of Astraka Mt. and consists of two settlements (“mahalades”), the Big and Small Papigo (at a distance of 4 km one from the other). The architecture in the area is lovely, and the village is also a hub for visiting the springs of Voidomatis, the natural swimming pool at "Rongovo" and the refuge of the Mountaineering Club in Astraka.

Of major interest are also the churches of Agios Vasilios (19th century) - with unique architecture and paintings 100 years old - the Assumption (18th century), Agios Georgios (18th century) and the Holy Archangels (19th century) as well as the traditional bridge at the entrance of the village. There is also the Library of Michael Anagnostopoulos.