<p>In just one hour from Igoumenitsa, you can arrive, thanks to Egnatia Odos in famous Ioannina, the "City of the Letters and Arts” the birthplace of many brilliant personalities over the years.&nbsp;<br />
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Built on the banks of the legendary lake Pamvotis, the city of Ioannina, which owes its name to the Monastery of Agios Ioannis the Baptist, has managed to preserve its old charm and elegance thanks to its rich natural and architectural landscape that surrounds it.</p>

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The whole city is an attraction! Traditional buildings-samples of Epirote architecture, the famous castle of Ioannina, the islet in the lake Pamvotis with the legend of Kyra Frosini still alive, the palace of Ali Pasha and Perama Cave are just some of the places that one can visit in Ioannina and never forget.</p>