The imposing church of Saint Minas was built in 1862 and symbolizes the gratitude of the people of Heraklion to the Saint for the protection offered to them during the period of the Turkish rule. 

This is one of the largest temples in Greece whose builder was Athanasios Moussis, the architect who also underttok to built the church of Saint Titus and the barracks in Eleftherias Square, which today houses the Prefecture and the Courts of Heraklion.

What makes this building so important is the emotional involvement of the local people in its building. A newspaper of that time reported that during the construction of the temple, the committee which had undertaken the task did not have extra money for workers and so the students created a human chain to  transport the necessary materials from the port of Heraklion to the church.

The Church of St. Minas is located in Kornarou Square with the small church of St. Minas, as it is called by the locals, in front. This small church was built in 1735, several years before the church of St. Minas to house the metropolis of Crete.

Next to them there is the Church of St. Catherine, another beautiful structure.