Cretaquarium & Dinosauria Aquarium

“Cretaquarium” or "Thalassocosmos" * is a unique research, education, culture and recreation park, which aims to promote and diffuse knowledge for the marine environment, revealing its uniqueness, organisms and ecosystems. 

Covering 60 acres, with 32 tanks, 50 observation points and hundreds of marine species, Thalassokosmos constitutes a unique activity for the young and the old. There, you will have the opportunity to observe the life and "habits" of marine organisms through special cameras and get to know up the beautiful world of the Mediterranean. 

While you are there, be sure to go for a walk by the Dinosauria Park **, whereT-Rex (life-size!) & his friends welcome you in a specially designed space in which you can explore and learn all about the fascinating history of dinosaurs!

* With your Bonus Club cards, you have 25% discount on a membership card for Thalassocosmos, which offers free admission for one year and 20% discount at the aquarium restaurant and store.
** The Bonus Club members receive a 10% discount on entrance tickets for adults & children.