The Basilica of San Marco is one of the most important Venetian buildings - monuments in Heraklion. Today it houses the Municipal Gallery of the city, but in the past it was the temple where the Venetians showed their gratitude and love for their homeland.

True to its name, this temple was dedicated to the patron saint of Venice, Saint Mark (San Marco) and over the centuries it has remained standing imperious.

Its glory did not go unnoticed either during the Turkish occupation when it was converted into a mosque in honor of Defterdar Ahmet Pasha, who was in charge of the finances. The bell tower of the basilica was demolished and in its place was a minaret was erected, which after the liberation of the island was shattered by the locals in an effort to extinguish the unpleasant memories and the symbols of the Turkish occupation.

A visit to the Basilica of San Marco suffices to learn more about the history of Heraklion and discover up close the symbols and culture of 3rd different peoples.