Corporate Social Responsibility reflects a new, modern view of business activity for companies that, when practiced with full respect as to its principles, has a direct and decisive effect on the fundamental values of the society in which we desire to live.

Minoan Lines, in tandem with its continuous strong development, recognizes its responsibility towards the society, and seeks to be actively and consistently involved, in the framework of principles set by Corporate Social Responsibility, in the development of innovative actions and in presenting significant social work.

The company, based on the principles of its anthropocentric philosophy, always tries to encourage and award notable initiatives and efforts. In the process of implementing its corporate strategies and commercial policies, the company promotes an integrated, coordinated, qualitative and substantial social work and sets important aims, through its active participation and support of a wide spectrum of different social activities which are inextricably connected with society as a whole.

All action taken by Minoan Lines during the years 2014 - 2016, in the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility, is focused on the following:

-Backing to the exceptional group of volunteers "Doctors of the Aegean Sea - PA.G.N.I.", at a level of both sea transportation/ transfer of people and vehicles in routes in which the company is active, and in the provision of financial support to the group, through the purchase of medical equipment and a fully equipped vehicle for the group's transport.

-Assistance to the male basketball team "HERAKLION O.A.A."

-Assistance to the male football teams "OFI F.C.", "ERGOTELIS F.C." and "TYMBAKI F.C."

-Sponsored transportation to Olympic Medalist Nikolas Kaklamanakis and his family, in recognition of his important work as lifetime ambassador for "fair play" in small children and future athletes of our country, in the framework of the institution of Social School by the Greek Ministry of Culture.

-Transportation assistance to the Paralympic Medalist and World Javelin Throw Champion Manolis Stefanoudakis.

-Sponsorship to Non-Government Organizations promoting sports, such as the Panhellenic Woman Sports Club "Callipateira".

-Sponsorship to the Historical Museum of Crete, the Museum of Natural History of Crete, the Hellenic -Maritime Museum, and the Nikos Kazantzakis Museum.

-Financial support to many cultural associations, organizations and groups, particularly in Crete.

-Assistance to sports clubs, associations, groups and other sports activities.

-Sponsorships to important local cultural events.

-Sponsorships to important educational foundations.

-Supply of electronic equipment to educational foundations.

-Support of the local church of Crete in its charities.

-Assistance to various health charity organizations and cultural foundations.

-Financial aid to the SOS Children's Village in Crete and the "Smile of the Child" organization.

Minoan Lines also assists socially vulnerable groups (for example, poor, disabled persons, youth drug rehabilitation communities, etc.)

Furthermore, Minoan Lines provides financial and material assistance in the events of national emergencies and disasters (for example, by providing support to regions ravaged by either fire or earthquakes).