Aegean Speed Lines


Current legislation mandates a valid telephone number or e-mail address entered at time of booking for every passenger to be used for contact in the case of any changes to or cancellation of itineraries. 

Deadlines for ticket issuance varies by demand of each itinerary. Current deadlines will be posted in the booking system for each booking.


(We should remind you your obligation to send void and open tickets back to our headquarters)


 - Cancellation up to 14 days of departure
 - Cancellation within 24 hrs of issuance
Tickets issued on the same day of departure can only be cancelled 30 minutes after the issuance and necessarily two hours before departure. 
Demands for cancellation of unprinted tickets is not accepted because such tickets should be cancelled instantly by the agent. 
 - Cancellation in case of cancelled itinerary


- Cancellation up to 7 days of departure


Cancellation up to 12 hours of departure


Economy Discount tickets cannot be cancelled or refunded.

For any cancellation, the presentation of the tickets to the issuing agency or to the headquarters of the company is required.

For tickets that are issued from the Aegean Speed Lines website or from ASL mobile application, in case of 100% cancellation, cancellation fees (3,00 Euros per ticket) are applied.


In case of loss of tickets, the company should definitely be informed before the departure of the vessel by phone or e-mail. Additionally, a loss declaration form should be completed by the passenger.

If the passenger contacts his/her travel agent, the agent must communicate with the head office of ASL before the departure.

In any case, new tickets should be issued and paid prior to the boarding on the vessel.

30 days after the scheduled itinerary and after the company checks its files, ASL will compensate the passenger with the equivalent value of the tickets. 

The above procedures do not apply if the company is informed after the departure of the vessel, in which case, no liability is recognized. 

In case of loss of tickets that have been issued from the Aegean Speed Lines website or from ASL mobile application and have been delivered by courier without charge, there is an extra fee 20,00 Euros at the total of compensation. 


Tickets can be changed to open up to 4 hours prior the departure. 

Tickets which are turned to open can be replaced up to one year after their issuance date, and only once. 

In order to cancel or to turn tickets to open, which have been issued from the Aegean Speed Lines website or from ASL mobile application, a written notice via e-mail or fax is required, before the departure of the vessel. 

Tickets opened only once, can be cancelled 50% within a year after their issuance date. 

When Open tickets are replaced with less value tickets, there is no refund.  


Group tickets can not be turned to open or cancelled.