z.B. 19-09-2020
z.B. 19-09-2020

Maritime Μuseum of Crete

On the northwest side of the harbor in the city of Chania, the Venetians built the Revellino del Porto, a fortification project to protect the harbor and its entrance.

Today, the main building of the fortress houses the main number of exhibitions of the Maritime Museum of Crete. At the two floors of the museum, you will explore the maritime history of Crete and Greece.

It was donated by the Navy and operates with the uncompromising support of the Region of Crete - Regional Unit of Chania, the Municipality of Chania and the Naval Base of

Crete.Useful information:

Reduced ticket 2.5 euro (initial price 3 euro)

10% discount at the Shop

  The offer applies only to members of the Minoan Lines Bonus Club (you need to show your card).



Akti kountourioti

Old port Crete, Greece P.C 73136

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