z.B. 19-08-2019
z.B. 19-08-2019

Cretaquarium - Thalassocosmos

60 acres, 32 tanks and hundreds of marine species are waiting for you at Cretaquarium - Thalassocosmos!

Explore the amazing marine world of Cretaquarium of Heraklion, a unique research, education, culture and recreation park for young and old alike, and enjoy the unique offers available exclusively to Minoan Lines Bonus Club members. 

Get 25% off on your Cretaquarium membership card and enjoy free entrance for a whole year,free audio guide and a 10% discount at the Thalassea restaurant at the Cretaquarium .      

Useful Information:                             

•    25% off on the Cretaquarium membership card that offers you free entrance for a year
•    10% discount at the Thalassea restaurant of Cretaquarium - Thalassocosmos
•    Free Audio Guide by showing your Μinoan Lines Bonus Club card
•    Aquarium Address: Gournes Heraklion (former American Base), Crete
•    Telephone: +30 2810 337788

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