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Welcome to Minoan Lines the biggest Shipping Company in Greece. We offer ferry tickets to Greece at the best possible rates with the highest quality and services. Our company proudly offers “Minoan Lines Bonus Club”, a special card for our frequent customers, which makes ferry tickets Greece with Minoan Lines even cheaper. With this card, the more you sail, the more you gain! After filling out the registration form, you will receive automatically your temporary card with your 8-digit card number (keep it, because it will allow you to collect instantly). You can collect points when you buy your ticket, the only thing that you have to do is to show the temporary card during your purchase, or quote the number –shown on the card- when booking tickets through our call center. Unfortunately, with the temporary card you can only have off board collection. For on board collection you will have to wait for your “Minoan Lines Bonus Club” card. You will receive the card once your registration form is accepted. This way, ferry tickets Greece with Minoan Lines become even more affordable.

Minoan Lines is a quality shipping company in Greece, with headquarters in Heraklion Crete (the place where the company was established) and Piraeus Athens, where you will find ferry tickets Greece. All the vessels of the company are ultra modern, since the renewal of the fleet which begun in the 90's. In 1995 with the delivery of H/S/F Aretousa the first new-building high-speed ferry, the company owns eleven vessels. Comfort, luxury, safety and speed of H/S/F Aretousa portray Minoan Lines' dominant and competitive role in the shipping sector worldwide. The service from Patras to Ancona is now cut down to 22 hours only! The response of the public was amazing. Except for ferry tickets Greece, Minoan Lines  evolves into a ferry tickets Italy giant. By 1996, the ambitious investment plan of Minoan Lines "shocks" the status quo in the Mediterranean coastal shipping sector. By ordering H/S/F's Ikarus and Pasiphae the company's investment capital rises to 56 billion Greek Drachmas. In the mid 1997's the H/S/F Ikarus is launched in Sweden on May 5th and arrives with great pride and enthusiasm in Greece, from the FOSEN shipyard in Norway. In cooperation with other Greek ship-owners Minoan Lines establishes the company “Minoan Lines Highspeed Ferries S.A.” during the same year. To boost ferry tickets Greece section, the Catamaran Ferry Highspeed 1 and F/B Ariadne are deployed on the Piraeus-Cyclades route.

By 1998 Minoan Lines become listed in the Athens Stock Exchange. The response from the public is unprecedented and inspires the company for even more ambitious investment plans, for ferry tickets Greece. The third Highspeed Ferry, H/S/F Pasiphae, is delivered. Along with H/S/Fs Ikarus and Aretousa, the total investment value of the company is now in the range of 80 billion Greek Drachmas, the greatest in the Greek maritime sector ever.

As it is obvious, Minoan Lines has contributed the most to the Greek Shipping and ferry tickets Greece.